Media Pitching Hire a writer to craft your media pitch
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HK Campaign from$2000* from$800 from$1000
Overseas Campaign from$2000^

All prices are in Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

  1. *$2000 for pitching one beat of HK journalist. Each journalist beat in Hong Kong consists of varying numbers of journalists writing in the respective beat. Please refer to the order page for the updated numbers. 
  2. ^$2000 for pitching one beat of overseas journalist. Each journalist beat for overseas refers to minimum 50 selected journalists (up to 100) that fit your campaign. (By crawling the previous articles, social media history, the corresponding beat of the journalists, we identify the most RELEVANT journalists for you).
  3. For each campaign, you may choose to pitch up to 4 beats per campaign. (It's not effective to use one press release to pitch different beats of journalist).
  4. We CANNOT guarantee any media coverage(s) and when the story will get published.