Media Query Guidelines

Guidelines for journalists

For those who wish to use HelloPR’s ‘media query’ service, please follow the guidelines as follow:

  1. All media queries should be related to business, tech & startups beats.
  2. All requests must allow 72 hours prior to your story deadline so that we can have sufficient time to find the perfect source.
  3. You are required to fill in your full name in the reporter details. We would not handle any anonymous requests.
  4. When submitting a source request, you must include the name of your media outlet. If you want to prevent leaks, please check off the “Anonymous” box next to the field for “Media Outlet”. We will hide your media outlet when we reach out to the potential sources.
  5. Reporters who source content through the service must give proper credit to the source in the story.
  6. Reporters may not submit the same source request more than three times in a week.
  7. Reporters should notify the sources and us when the story is published.

We reserve the right to ban anyone who violates these guidelines. If you have any questions towards our service, please email to