Frequently Asked Questions

Will I know the journalists name & emails?

To ensure journalists' privacy and maintain an excellent service, HelloPR will keep their emails privately.

How long will it take for my press release to be sent?

We try our best to distribute the press release to the requested journalists according to the schedule you set. Please schedule at least 48 hours before the targeted outreaching date.

What can I expect in terms of results?

We can’t guarantee any media coverage(s) and when the story will get published after pitching.
Most of the time we'll get a sense of how much interest there is within the first 3 weeks of the initial pitch date. We've seen stories get covered immediately on the same day as the pitch as well as several months later.
While we provide you professional writers to distribute quality press release to relevant journalists. At the end of the date, the media angle is the most important thing to get journalists interested and write about you. 

If you want a professional agency to help you. Please go to to seek help. 

How can I make a good press release? / What if I never write a press release before?

Don't worry! Our template will guide you to write a professional press release. It's widely used by professional PR. Moreover, we share some tips to make good press release here.

But we highly recommend you to find a professional writer to create a good piece for you, you may select the writer you want based on their profile in our database.

Do you provide other services?

Yes, our parent company, HelloReporter provides tailor-made PR services such as branding & marketing, media pitching, digital marketing, lead generation and event management. Check out

What makes HelloPR different from other PR agency?

HelloPR is a DIY and cost effective PR service for Startups & SMEs. We leverage technology & automation to make PR affordable in order to support startups' growth on regional level. HelloPR does not bind clients in long term contracts and provide one-off service. HelloPR distributes press release only to relevant journalists to boost the conversion rate and save cost.

Does HelloPR fit my company?

If you're startup or SME, looking for cost effective way of PR, professional press release, aims to reach regional and international journalists to gain media coverage, then HelloPR is for you.

What should I know about PR?

We know handling PR for StartUp for the first time might be a bit confusing. We have complied some PR tips we consider important for startups. Click here to find out more.